ShowOmali Yeshitela Speaks (NOTE: This download is password protected and available to subscribers)
Broadcast TitleAfrican Internationalism vs. Pan Africanism, Global Economic Crisis
Broadcast Date2009-12-13
Record Date2009-11-17
SummaryHear 2 presentations made by African Socialist International Chairman Omali Yeshitela at the Founding Conference of the African People's Socialist Party - Sierra Leone, held in the capital city of Freetown, November 16-18, 2009. The first explains the class character of the Pan Africanist Movement as contrasted with an African Internationalist approach to liberation, as exemplified by Marcus Garvey and continued today by the Uhuru Movement. The second lays the basis for understanding the current global economic crisis by revealing its origins in the European colonial assault on Africa and the indigenous people of the Americas.