ShowReparations in Action!
Broadcast Title#BeLikeChe: Uhuru Solidarity Movement Sustainer Drive Launch!
Broadcast Date2015-02-01
Record Date2015-02-01
SummaryThis Sunday on tune in to "Reparations in Action" for a special broadcast in which the Uhuru Solidarity Movement will be announcing our 2-month-long international sustainer drive, held under the the theme #BeLikeChe with the call for Euro-Americans to stand in solidarity with African liberation and resistance to colonial oppression, from Ferguson to Burkina Faso! We will be discussing the legacy of Che as a symbol of revolutionary internationalism, the work of the African People's Socialist Party to complete the Black Revolution of the Sixties and the Uhuru Movement's strategy to win reparations from the white community through material solidarity with African self-determination and liberation! We will also be announcing the special prizes that will be received by anyone who becomes a Che Guevara Level Sustainer ($10 monthly donation to the black-led liberation programs of the APSP) of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement! Don't miss this! Spread the word. Tell your friends, family and neighbors. BE LIKE CHE! Forward to the USM National Convention 2015: "Break the Silence! Refuse to be complicit!"