ShowReparations in Action!
Broadcast TitleBeyond the Confederate Flag: Overturning White Terrorism and the Road to Reparations! Report-Back from "Burn the Confederate Flag" Protest
Broadcast Date2015-06-28
Record Date2015-06-28
SummaryOn June 28th, Sunday 1pm Eastern on, Uhuru Solidarity Movement organizers along with other activists in the Tampa Bay area will report back on a "Burn the Confederate Flag" protest held in Brooksville, Florida on Saturday where white activists called for solidarity from the white community with the African community's struggle for social and economic justice in the wake of the Charleston massacre and countless other acts of white colonial terror by police and white vigilantes. We will also hear clips from the recent "White Solidarity with Black Liberation" event held in St. Petersburg featuring Uhuru Movement leader Chimurenga Waller speaking on the meaning of the Confederate flag to African people.