ShowOmali Yeshitela Speaks (NOTE: This download is password protected and available to subscribers)
Broadcast Title"Block by Block, City by City: Let's Get Organized to Liberate the African Community!"
Broadcast Date2014-10-05
Record Date
SummaryHear African Socialist International Chairman Omali Yeshitela's keynote presentation to the 2014 Convention of the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement, held September 20-21 in Newark, NJ. In this presentation, Chairman Omali sums up the significance of the African resistance in Ferguson (St. Louis), Missouri, in the context of the re-emergence of the African Liberation Movement out of its military defeat in the 1960s. In his inimitable and often humorous way, the Chairman exposes the false myths surrounding the birth of capitalism and white power, and makes the call for Africans worldwide to unite in the struggle for power and self-government.