ShowReparations in Action!
Broadcast TitleBloody Bob Cannot Hide! Demanding justice and reparations for the murders of Dominique Battle, Ashaunti Butler and Laniya Miller.
Broadcast Date2016-05-15
Record Date2016-05-15
SummaryThis episode of RIA African People's Socialist Party Dir. of Recruitment and Membership Gazi Kodzo will speak on the ongoing Pinellas Co. Sheriff murders of African people in St. Pete and the deepening crisis of imperialism throughout the world. Join us for a panel discussion of revolutionary solutions and updates on the campaigns for Black Community Control of Police, Reparations to the families and all African people. Find out how you can get involved by supporting the upcoming Cadre Development School of the African People's Socialist Party, which will take place in St. Pete, FL, July 2nd to July 29th, and learn why the question of cadre it is so crucial to revolutionary transformation and self-determination for the African working class.