ShowOmali Yeshitela Speaks (NOTE: This download is password protected and available to subscribers)
Broadcast TitleCommemorate 'Lil Bobby Hutton and Martin Luther King Jr. by organizing for African community economic development and self-reliance
Broadcast Date2014-04-13
Record Date2014-04-06

Hear African Socialist International Chairman Omali Yeshitela's presentation at Commemoration Day, Sunday, April 6th, 2014, honoring the lives of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and "'Lil" Bobby Hutton, who were both killed in April of 1968 in the midst of the struggle for African community political and economic self-reliance.

During the first weekend in April 2014, the Oakland Uhuru House, hosted a series of events for the purpose of establishing ongoing economic development and self-reliance within black communities, including a Health Fair where practitioners offered health and wellness workshops, clinics, and information sessions, followed by a ceremony to re-open the Uhuru House Garden Project.