ShowReparations in Action!
Broadcast TitleDebate between Uhuru Solidarity Movement and American Civil Rights Institute on reparations to African people!
Broadcast Date2016-05-22
Record Date2016-05-22
SummaryOn or UhuruRadio hear the recent debate on the issue of reparations to African people between Jesse Nevelsky, Chair of the, Uhuru Solidarity Movement- arguing for reparations and Dianne Schacterle of the American Civil Rights Institute who argues against reparations. Reparations In Action will replay this illuminating debate with the Sacramento based vice president of the American Civil Rights Institute. This debate will be played in the context of the ongoing struggle for reparations and solidarity with African liberation. Hear updates from the Justice 4 Dominique Battle campaign in the face of the Pinellas county Sheriff and police departments continuing to murder African people with impunity while celebrating themselves. Hear analysis from an African Internationalist perspective of this debate and recent events and find out what the Uhuru Solidarity Movement is doing to build the mass movement of white people's reparations to African people. "Reparations is about changing the world...!" -Jesse Nevelsky, Uhuru Solidarity Movement.