ShowReparations in Action!
Broadcast TitleFrom Europe to U.S., Days in Solidarity with African People events build momentum, the call for reparations answered
Broadcast Date2012-10-07
Record Date2012-10-07
SummaryUhuru Solidarity Movement members Jesse Nevel and Johann Bedingfield will give a summation of the powerful successes of Days in Solidarity with African People events held in Oakland this past week. Momentum is building inside the U.S. and in Europe as DSAP events are taking place in Philadelphia, St. Petersburg, and Warsaw. Hear about successful outreach carried out in the white community including on college campuses, city centers, and events, building for DSAP events. The white community responds to the call for reparations owed to African people. A call will also be made about the upcoming Black is Back mobilization, "Break the Silence," inviting progressive white people to attend a true anti-imperialist march on Washington DC on November 3 and 4.