ShowReparations in Action!
Broadcast TitleJon Burge and his Legacy of Police Torture in Chicago
Broadcast Date2010-12-05
Record Date2010-12-05
SummaryUhuru Solidarity Movement member Kristin Gordon reports from Chicago on police brutality in the city, focusing on the case of infamous former police commander, Jon Burge, who tortured a documented 110 African men during his career. No charges were ever brought against Burge until May of this year, when he was convicted of lying in civil lawsuit that he had never been involved in torture. Uhuru Solidarity Movement recognizes that the only reason why people such as Jon Burge, and others who carry out this brutal war against the African community in Chicago and all around the U.S., can do so with immunity is because the African Revolution of the 1960s was crushed by the U.S. government's COINTELPRO program. December 4 is the 41st anniversary of Fred Hampton's murder in Chicago and his life and commitment to African self-determination will be commemorated.