ShowOmali Yeshitela Speaks (NOTE: This download is password protected and available to subscribers)
Broadcast TitleKeeping the African Revolution Alive! Chairman Omali in Buffalo, NY
Broadcast Date2010-02-14
Record Date1981-00-00
SummaryHear African Socialist International Chairman Omali Yeshitela speak at an African book center in Buffalo, New York in 1981. Yeshitela comments on a series of lynchings occurring in upstate New York, and on his recent trip to a solidarity conference in Nicaragua. He presents a theoretical critique of the Marxist theory of surplus value, exposing its failure to recognize the key component of the colonial extraction of mineral and agricultural wealth to capitalist development. He discusses the uprising of 120,000 Africans in Liberty City who raised the red, black and green flag over the police station in Miami and calls for Africans to lay the groundwork to build revolutionary organization in anticipation of the re-emergence of the mass rising of African people.