ShowReparations in Action!
Broadcast TitleMarch and Tribunal for Black Justice, InPDUM President speech at Occupy Oakland, Oakland Freedom Summer Project returns
Broadcast Date2012-04-22
Record Date2012-04-22
SummaryWendy Snyder of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement in Oakland will discuss the upcoming March and Tribunal for Black Justice being held by the Oakland Freedom Summer Project on May 5th at the Uhuru House and the struggle to win participation from Occupy Oakland and the larger white community in the march. She will air presentations made by President Diop Olugbala, of the International People's Democratic Movement, at Occupy Oakland's General Assembly and at the Press Conference on April 17, 2012, "The City of Oakland Killed a Thousand Trayvons" announcing the March and Court for Black Justice. Uhuru Solidarity Movement is calling on white allies to build the May 5th events and also a May 6th organizing meeting of the Oakland Freedom Summer Project, calling on the white community to open up skills and resources needed to transform the Uhuru House African community center into a hub of economic development through the Uhuru Jiko commercial kitchen.