ShowBlack Agenda Radio
Broadcast TitleMarissa Alexander; Temple attacks Black Studies; Obama - Deporter in Cheif; Afro-Colombians; Mumia Abu Jamal
Broadcast Date2014-04-02
Record Date2014-04-02

Black Preachers Say Marissa Alexander Should Cop a Plea
Calling her case a ‚ distraction,‚ a group of Black ministers in Jacksonville, Florida, are urging Marissa Alexander, who has already served three years in prison for firing a gun to deter her abusive husband, to plead guilty. Prosecutor Angela Corey is threatening to put Alexander away for 60 years. Opio Sokoni, president of the local Southern Christian Leadership Conference, said Corey and the ministers make ‚ strange bedfellows.‚ ‚ Some of these pastors are the same ones that said, not too many weeks ago, that Black people should received the death penalty in greater numbers,‚ said Sokoni.

Moral Mondays Move to Georgia and South Carolina
Nearly 40 people were arrested in demonstrations demanding that southern states expand Medicaid to cover more poor people, in line with Obamacare. Moral Mondays protests, which began in North Carolina, have taken root in Georgia and South Carolina. Author and activist Kevin Alexander Gray said ‚ the poorest of the poor‚ are hard to organize. ‚ That group doesn‚ t have the financial wherewithal to come to a protest,‚ he said. ‚ They‚ re not thinking about a protest, they‚ re thinking about survival.‚

Oil and Environmental Racism in Albany, NY
Huge numbers of railroad oil tanker cars are parked only feet from a poor housing project in Albany, New York, prompting fears of an explosion like the one that claimed dozens of lives in Quebec, Canada, last year. ‚ Since the expansion of fracking in North Dakota‚ and elsewhere, ‚ ports have received a lot more oil,‚ said Vivian Kornegay, an Albany councilwoman. ‚ We‚ re talking about an environmental injustice against low income people living in a housing project,‚ said Kornegay. ‚ That community hasn‚ t been given a voice or any consideration‚ in the shale oil fracking boom.

Temple University Firings Bode Ill for Black Studies
‚ Temple is a pivotal institution for African American Studies, and what‚ s happening there may be a bellwether‚ for other campuses, said Dr. James Turner, founding director of the Africana Studies and Research Center at Cornell University. The recent firings of professors Anthony Monteiro and Muhammad Ahmed (also known as Max Stanford) provoked intense opposition in North Philadelphia‚ s Black community, which also blames the university for encouraging gentrification.

Obama, Deporter-in-Chief
President Obama ‚ must be made accountable‚ for deporting more immigrants than any other president in U.S. history, said Jesus Iniguez, of Presente, a Latino organization that claims 300,000 members. Obama doesn‚ t have much time left to save his legacy, said Iniguez. ‚ The only thing that has evolved these past six years has been more intrusive and toxic laws‚ targeting immigrant communities.

Afro-Colombians Displaced
‚ The main demand of Afro-Colombians is land,‚ said Charo Mina-Rojas, director of the Afro-Colombian Women‚ s Human Rights Defender Project. ‚ We have been living for centuries on this ancestral land‚ but are often forced out by paramilitaries and government soldiers in service of multinational corporations, she said. Colombia has the largest population of internally displaced persons in the world, most of them Black.

Mumia on the Mother of All Death Sentences
In a report filed for Prison Radio from Frackville State Prison, in Pennsylvania, political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal noted the 528 bulk death sentences imposed by an Egyptian court against members of the Muslim Brotherhood, ‚ a group that has existed longer than Egypt‚ s government has been independent. It seems to me the war aint‚ over,‚ said Abu Jamal.