ShowBlack Agenda Radio
Broadcast TitleMumia turns 60; Michigan bans affirmative action; Seattle wage battle; Obama's trade treaty targets China; FCC proposes "pay for speed" rules
Broadcast Date2014-04-30
Record Date2014-04-30

Philly Throws a Party for Mumia
Mumia Abu Jamal's hometown turned out for a day-long celebration of the nation's best-known political prisoner's 60th birthday.
High Court Brings Back Old Jim Crow
The U.S. Supreme Court decision to uphold a Michigan referendum banning affirmative action "reinstitutes a policy of state's rights that characterized the old Jim Crow," said Shanta Driver, of Detroit-based By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), who argued the case before the High Court.
Socialist Alternative Gears Up to Put Wage Hike on Seattle Ballot
Kshama Sawant, who won a seat on the local city council last year on a wage hike platform, warned 500 delegates to a national 15 Now conference that Seattle's mayor is backing a watered down measure that would delay the increase.
Secret Trade Treaty Aimed at China
President Obama's proposed Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade treaty with 11 Asian and Pacific nations "is shrouded in secrecy because the only way they can pass this is if we don't know what's in it," said Kevin Zeese, co-director of It's Our Economy. Zeese said the pact is linked to a U.S. military encirclement of China.
Minorities to Lose Under Internet Pay-for-Speed Rules
The National Hispanic Media Coalition has weighed in against the Federal Communications Commission proposal to allow big corporations to buy faster speed on the Internet.