ShowOmali Yeshitela Speaks (NOTE: This download is password protected and available to subscribers)
Broadcast TitleOne People, One Party, One Destiny - APSP launches recruitment campaign
Broadcast Date2012-07-08
Record Date2012-07-01
SummaryOn July 1, participants from over 40 sites around the world met to begin the "One People! One Party! One Destiny!" Campaign, a recruitment campaign aimed at recruiting masses of new members into the African People's Socialist Party and Uhuru Movement. As the crisis of imperialism continues to deepen, the opportunity for Africans and others whose exploitation have fed Europe and North America at our expense grows. The conditions for the ushering in of a new world ripen, and more than ever the task of building the revolutionary Party to lead the struggle to create that world is critical. Here we present Chairman Omali Yeshitela's overview and closing statement to the meeting.