ShowReparations in Action!
Broadcast TitleReports from Oakland on the Mehserle Trial, Uhuru Pies, Uhuru Furniture and a Day in Solidarity with African People
Broadcast Date2010-08-08
Record Date2010-08-08
SummaryAfrican People's Solidarity Committee Oakland Chair Wendy Snyder presents interviews about the verdict in the trial of Johannes Mehserle, the Bay Area Rapid Transit cop who killed Oscar Grant. Listen also to interviews with the coordinators of Uhuru Pies in Oakland, which is building a massive fundraising campaign for the African People's Education and Defense Fund and Uhuru Furniture and Collectibles, which just won the reader's poll award for "best furniture store of the East Bay." Also, we will look ahead to A Day in Solidarity with African People coming on September 19th, 2010.