ShowReparations in Action!
Broadcast Date2016-05-08
Record Date2016-05-08
SummaryHost Jamie Simpson of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement will interview comrade Cleo about her involvement in building Black Community Control of Police in St. Pete, and the campaign to fire Pinellas Co. Sheriff Bob Gualtieri. Comrade Cleo will also discuss her on-the-scene experiences from Friday night/ Saturday morning ~ when the Sheriff killed Alton Fitzgerald Witchard, a few blocks from her South St. Pete home. Learn what she is doing with InPDUM to demand justice and reparations for the survivors of police murder victims. All of this comes in the wake of the Pinellas Sheriff killing three teenage African girls by ramming their car into a lake and standing by laughing as the girls screamed before drowning. Hear the truth about what the Pinellas County Sheriff does in the African community that the mainstream white media will never reveal.