ShowReparations in Action!
Broadcast TitleStop U.S. Attacks on Russia! Interview with the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia
Broadcast Date2015-07-19
Record Date2015-07-19
SummaryThis Sunday, July 19th at 1pm Eastern on, the Uhuru Solidarity Movement's Jamie Simpson conducts a special interview with comrades Alex Ionov and Slava of the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia. We will discuss the current U.S. threats of war and attacks against Russia as U.S. imperialism and its media continue to slander Russia, its people and threaten its sovereignty. We will discuss Russia's long history of support for African national liberation. We will speak with the AGM comrades about their support of the Uhuru Movement and the resilience of the Russian people in the face of ongoing U.S. sanctions, as well as the challenge to U.S. global dominance of the peoples of the world. Don't miss this critical discussion. Live from Moscow! Reparations in Action!