ShowReparations in Action!
Broadcast Title"Taking on the 'Doomsday Budget' in Philadelphia"
Broadcast Date2009-08-30
Record Date2009-08-30
SummaryAfrican People's Solidarity Committee organizers Alison Hoehne and Harris Daniels will update listeners on the many different campaigns the Uhuru Movement is waging in the city of Philadelphia: the struggle against Mayor Michael Nutter's 'Doomsday Budget' that cuts essential services, raises the sales tax, postpones city workers' pensions and intensifies the counterinsurgency on the black community. The police get federal stimulus money directly from Obama, and the city attempts to rescue itself at the expense of the African community! The Uhuru Solidarity Movement is participating in the "They Say Cutback! We Say Payback!" March, led by the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement. The solidarity movement in Philadelphia is organizing a contingent in the white community to unite with the demands for reparations, economic development, social justice & self-determination for the African community. APSC is also building African People's Solidarity Day, which will provide an opportunity for North Americans to become true allies of this movement that opposes the U.S. colonial wars on oppressed people -- both at home & abroad!