ShowReparations in Action!
Broadcast TitleWomen's liberation from the eyes of African women
Broadcast Date2015-02-22
Record Date2015-02-22
SummaryThis week on Reparations in Action we will look at the issue of women's liberation from the eyes of African women. The show will feature an interview with Yejide Orunmila of the African People's Socialist Party who will discuss thee upcoming African Internationalist Conference on African Women this march in Washington DC among other issues facing African and colonized women. Chairwoman Penny Hess, of the APSC will also join us for a discussion of the opportunism and complicity in colonialism exhibited by white women's movements throughout history and the upcoming panel discussion on the question of the role of white women in relation to African and other oppressed women's struggles for liberation from colonialism at this March 7-8th USM national convention in Gainesville FL.