ShowAfrica Live
Broadcast TitleIRAQ / Ferguson, MO, Congressional Black Caucus, Black Is Back Coalition / Ebola / Tavon Grayson
Broadcast Date2014-09-28
Record Date2014-09-28
SummaryAfrica Live is a weekly show that brings you news and analysis from an African Internationalist perspective along with commentary and audio culture from throughout the African Diaspora. Today our guest on the 1st hour will be: Omali Yeshitela - we will discuss the recent events on the frontline of the rebellion in Ferguson, Missouri, the recent convention of the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement in Newark, NJ, where he gave the keynote address, as well as the the 44th Annual Legislative Conference of the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington, D.C which started earlier this week. We will start of the hour discussing the Permanent State of War In IRAQ. The western media reports The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) or the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS ) is the new Al Qaeda as that emerged in war torn Syria in April 2013. There are conflicting reports about the name of this group, but what is clear is that they are imperialist financed foot soldiers of the Western military alliance. Their unspoken mandate is to wreck havoc and destruction in Syria and Iraq, acting on behalf of their US sponsors. The endgame is to transform countries into territories. Omali Yeshitela will give us an African Internationalist perspective of this event. Omali Yeshitela is the founder and chairman of the Uhuru Movement, the African People's Socialist Party and the African Socialist International. He is also the author of several books and he recently published, An Uneasy Equilibrium: The African Revolution versus Parasitic Capitalism. In the second hour we will talk with Luwezi Kinshasa about the Ebola pandemic and get a status update on the recent events in Libya. Kinshasa is the secretary general of the African Socialist International and writes extensively on international news for the Burning Spear Newspaper and Uhuru We will close out the show speaking Diop Olugbala - reporting on a story breaking on entitled, In "The Land of Disney." On the evening of Tuesday, July 19, 2014, Orlando Florida police gunned down 23-year-old Tavon Grayson in a parking lot. Grayson who was hit a total of eight times, including once in the head. Noteworthy Historical Events: Sept 21st marks the 105th birthday of Osagyefo Dr, Kwame Nkrumah - the first president of Ghana. Kwame was a major figure in the promotion of the concept of African Unity and Pan-Africanism. While the bourgeoisie celebrates his birthday and African Liberation with the wearing of African clothing and traditional ceremonies, here are on Africa Live and Uhuru Radio we are committed to the discussion and promotion of African Internationalism - a philosophy that materially addresses the belief of Nkrumah the independence of individual Africa nations will always be at risk as long as the continent of Africa is not a single unified socialist working class led nation. Joan Cooper known by her pen name, J. California Cooper, was an African playwright and author. A writer of popular fiction, she wrote 17 plays and 12 novels books which focused on the lives and struggles of African women. Her folksy retelling and wisdom, brought forth voices of African woman in tales of love, family, and their day to day existence and history. Born - November 10, 1931 died at 82 years old on September 20, 2014. September 23rd marks the 88th birthday of John William Coltrane, also known as "Trane" Born in 1926 was an African jazz saxophonist and composer. Working in the bebop and hard bop idioms early in his career, Coltrane helped pioneer the use of modes in jazz and was later at the forefront of free jazz. He organized at least fifty recording sessions as a leader during his career, and appeared as a sideman on many other albums. He was a contemporary of trumpeter Miles Davis and pianist Thelonious Monk.