ShowDiasporic Music
Broadcast TitleBlack Music Month 2014 begins; Vern Smith; Dr. Charles E. Simmons
Broadcast Date2014-06-01
Record Date2014-06-01
SummarySave Black Music: Black Music Month Special discussion with independent author, journalist and screenwriter Vern E. Smith. Smith is author of the novel "The Jones Men." Norman talks with Dr. Charles E. Simmons about the life and legacy of labor activist General Gordon Baker (1941 - 2014). Dr. Simmons, along with his wife Reverend Sandra Simmons, is a Co-founder of The Hush House Black Community Museum and Leadership Training Institute for Human Rights, and in 2011 launched The International Hush House Women's Center. Dr. Simmons is an activist and community advocate committed to local and global community building as it relates to social education, and economic and environmental justice. His commitment in service as a Human Rights Activist spans 50 years. Dr. Charles Simmons is a tenured full professor of Journalism and Law at Eastern Michigan University. He also served on the faculty of Howard University and California State University Los Angeles and a Visiting Professor at Wayne State University. His commendations include the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Award from Wayne State University for community service; the Sierra Club award for environmental journalism; and an award from the New York Associatoin of Black Journalists for online journalists. Visit Norman's blog. Norman O. Richmond aka Jalali on Facebook.