ShowDiasporic Music
Broadcast TitleDiasporic Music on April 23, 2017
Broadcast Date2017-04-23
Record Date2017-04-23

Hosts Norman Otis Richmond and Mali Docuvixen speak with Iritah Shenmira from Burkina Faso who is part of #EARTHCENTER which is M'TAM, the very first education system of the Nile Valley Culture. Also a guest today is Allos Abis, community worker, youth arts educator and a member of the May Day Organizing Committee in Toronto. Tune in for these guests and an All-African mix of music and politics.


  • Kassav Oh Madiana Orlando Octave - Single "2017 Soca"
  • Alison Hinds - "Single" (Answer Back)
  • Lenn Hammond - "Mix Up Moods & Attitudes"
  • Fantastic Four - "Mixed up moods and attitudes"
  • Tribute to The Main Ingredient (Cuba Gooding Senior)
    • "Black seeds keep on growing"
    • "Spinning Around (I Must Be Falling In Love)"
    • "Just don't want to be lonely"
    • "Everybody Plays The Fool"
    • "Let Me Prove My Love to You"
    • "Rolling Down A Mountainside"