ShowDiasporic Music
Broadcast TitleDiasporic Music on January 15, 2017
Broadcast Date2017-01-15
Record Date2017-01-15

El Jones of Halifax Nova Scotia discusses how post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) led Lionel Desmond to murder his 31-year-old wife Shanna; ten-year-old daughter Aaliyah and 52-year-old mother Brenda before murdering himself in Upper Big Tracadie, Nova Scotia. The Antigonish, Nova-Scotia-born Desmond enrolled in the Canadian armed forces in 2004 and was deployed to Afghanistan between January and August 2007. He was diagnosed with PTSD after his tour of duty. During that period, 26 soldiers were killed while serving on Canada's combat mission in Kandahar. He was released from the military in 2015. The couple were in counselling as the pair struggled to deal with their issues.

Mali Docuvixen aka Malinda Francis discusses her two month stay in Thailand

Elaine Brown shares context behind events surrounding the Jan. 17th, 1969 assassinations of John Huggins (February 11, 1945 - January 17, 1969) and Alprentice "Bunchy" Carter (October 12, 1942 - January 17, 1969) at Campbell Hall on the campus at UCLA.

Music from Mahalia Jackson, Duke Ellington, Jimmy Cliff, Indépendance Cha-Cha (Kabasselé) - African Jazz 1960, Kimara Lovelace and Elaine Brown.