ShowAfrica Live
Broadcast TitleKamm Howard on struggle for reparations; DFLP leader Abu Leila on Palestinian struggle for self-determination
Broadcast Date2014-06-22
Record Date2014-06-22
SummaryToday's pre-recorded program is hosted by African Socialist International Chairman Omali Yeshitela. During the first hour, Chairman Omali talks with Kamm Howard, a long-time reparations activist based in Chicago, who is leading the Reparations Working Group of the Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations (BIBC). Brother Kamm will be speaking at the Coalitions annual Conference, August 16-17, 2014 in Philadelphia. For more information, visit
During the second hour, we re-broadcast an interview that Chairman Omali Yeshitela conducted on August 26, 2001 with Palestinian Legislative Council member Qais Abdul Kareem, also known as Abu Leila. Comrade Abu Leila is a founding member and long-standing leader of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a secular socialist organization, created in 1969. In light of the U.S. government's current threats to escalate its brutal military aggression against the Iraqi people, we share this historic discussion with you today. The African Socialist International condemns this ongoing colonial aggression being carried out by the regime of U.S. President Barack Obama.