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Broadcast TitleMother's Day Music
Broadcast Date2016-05-08
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Interview with Rick James
#NormanOtisRichmond interviews Rick James for CFNY #DiasporicMusic, and interview with him about his latest album as well Norman was on with #PeterGzowski #Morningside CBC speaking about Rick James time in Toronto, not to found of the industry and Agents here at that time.. 60s-70s ya he was here for like 10 years, barely making it... left and literally 2 years went superfly.

Curtis Mayfield Music of Curtis
Claudia Jones
#NormanOtisRichmond Feb.24, 1994 #JanCarew speaks about #ClaudiaJones #BlackInternationalist #Communist #Journalist "She was one of those warrior women, she died with a phone in her hand." JanCarew
(24 September 1920 - 6 December 2012)[1] was a Guyana-born novelist, playwright, poet and educator. His works, diverse in form and multifaceted, make Jan Carew an important intellectual of the Caribbean world. His poetry and his first two novels, Black Midas and The Wild Coast, were significant landmarks of the West Indian literature then attempting to cope with its colonial past and assert its wish for autonomy.)