ShowAfrica Live
Broadcast TitleNo Mother's Day when the State takes your child
Broadcast Date2016-05-08
Record Date2016-05-08

Host Jevon Gee and special guest Chairman Omali Yeshitela talk with three African mothers whose children have been attacked by the State:

  • Yashica Clemmons, mother of Dominique Battle, one the three African teen girls murdered by the Pinellas County Sheriff Department on March 31, 2016. This is Yashica's first public live interview.
  • Jamie Wilson, a mother out of San Diego whose son was pulled over by police and DNA stolen
  • Kushinda Olanrewaju, mother and Uhuru Movement organizer has taken her case public, enlisting the help of her comrades in the African National Women's Organization. Her recently launched petition exposes the longstanding deliberate withholding of services to her disabled son, Meshach Boland, and the resulting criminal charge of "common assault" he will face when he arrives in court on May 11.

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