ShowAfrica Live
Broadcast TitleRevolutionary Solidarity....
Broadcast Date2014-03-16
Record Date2014-03-16
SummaryThe first segment of Africa Live is entitled,This Moment In History an analysis of current events. Dedan Sankara interviews Chairman Omali Yeshitela of the African Socialist International and the African People's Socialist Party, about the recent death of Chokwe Lumumba in Jackson, Mississippi. Yeshitela speaks on his relationship with Chokwe Lumumba, the history of the Republic of New Africa, the theory of the Black Belt, the historical relationship between their organizations, the tactic of revolutionary organizations using electoral politics to achieve gains, and the history of the imperialist in the murder of African leadership. It is clear from the interview that regardless of philosophical differences between Chokwe Lumumba and Chairman Omali Yeshitela there was a relationship of revolutionary solidarity and respect. The differences were always brought forth in principled struggles to sharpen their attacks against our colonial condition and imperialism. The segment concludes with the Chairman Omali speaking on the events unfolding with the imperialist sponsored destabilization of the sovereign nation of Venezuela. The second segment of Africa Live, highlights Womens History Month - we will hear from Fannie Lou Hamer a member of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, speaking to the Credentials Committee of the Democratic National Convention August 22nd, 1964 in Atlantic City New Jersey.