ShowDiasporic Music
Broadcast TitleRewind: Elaine Brown
Broadcast Date2016-11-27
Record Date2016-10-30

This week we rewind an episode originally aired October 30, 2016 with guest Elaine Brown an African born America prison activist, writer, singer and former Black Panther Party chairwoman who is based in Oakland, California. She discusses the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther Party and Black Lives Matter.

John Woodford continues his discussion of Sonja D. Williams' volume, "Word Warrior: Richard Durham, Radio, and Freedom."

Woodford discusses the election of Harold Washington as the mayor of Chicago. Williams wrote, "Indeed, Harold Washington accomplished the seemingly impossible. He became the city's first black leader after winning 51 percent of the slightly more than one million votes cast. Washington walked into Chicago's, the nation's, history books with 82 percent of the Latino vote, about 12 percent of the white vote, and nearly 100 percent of the black turnout."

He also talks about Durham's relationship with the Afro-American Patrolmen's League (AAPL).

Music of Lucky Thompson with Miles Davis, J.J. Johnson, Horace Silver, Percy Heath, Kenny Clarke aka Liaqat Ali Salaam Music of Darryl Thomas with Peter Tosh, Sly and Robbie with Black Uhuru, Elaine Brown, Stevie Wonder, Gil Scott-Heron and Lenny Williams.

A Tribute to Lucky Thompson (June 16, 1924 - July 30, 2005), an African born in America jazz tenor and soprano saxophonist. While John Coltrane usually receives the most credit for bringing the soprano saxophone out of obsolescence in the early 1960s, Thompson (along with Steve Lacy) embraced the instrument earlier than Coltrane.

A Tribute to his son Darryl Thompson who played with Peter Tosh, Sly & Robbie and Black Uhuru.