ShowDiasporic Music
Broadcast TitleSpotlight on Archie Shepp; Interview with Frank Francis
Broadcast Date2011-04-10
Record Date2011-04-10
SummaryShepp was one of host Jalali’s mentors. The prominent African saxophonist, vocalist, poet and playwright was born on May 24, 1937 in Florida. Shepp is best known for his passionately Afrocentric music of the late 1960s, which focused on highlighting the injustices faced by the Africans at home and abroad. He composed "Malcolm, Malcolm Semper Malcolm" and "Blues for Brother George Jackson". Jalali talks with Herb Boyd about Manning Marable’s new bio on Malcolm X, 'Reinvention Of Malcolm X'. He also talks with Frank Francis, the owner of the Trane Studio in Toronto, Canada.