ShowDiasporic Music
Broadcast TitleSpotlight on Otis Redding; Clevil James on the LIMERS, Pt. 2; Dr. Gerald Horne on his book on Labor and Independence Struggles in the British West Indies
Broadcast Date2011-12-11
Record Date2011-12-11
SummaryWe shine the musical spotlight on Otis Redding (September 9, 1941 - December 10, 1967). Readers of the British music newspaper Melody Maker voted him as the top vocalist of 1967, superseding Elvis Presley, who had topped the list for the prior 10 years. We continue our discussion with Clevil James, founder of the LIMERS. In The Caribbean, LIMERS were originally people who hung out on the street corner and discussed everything from the latest sports score to the current parliamentary debate. Their primary purpose is to provide a forum for cultural exchange, with special emphasis on the Calypso art form. Also, Dr. Rupert Lewis interviews Dr. Gerald Horne about his book, "Cold War in a Hot Zone: The United States Confronts Labor and Independence Struggles in the British West Indies". Host Jalali provides an All-African mix of music and politics. "Diasporic Music" is made in the West but is not of the West".