ShowAfrica Live
Broadcast TitleThe Building of Cadre / The Boko Haram / An Evening with Martin, Malcolm, and Marcus / Detroit Water Wars: An Imperialist Enforced Drought Against the African Community
Broadcast Date2014-07-06
Record Date2014-07-06
SummaryOn July 6th at 11am ET on Africa Live, guest host Alex Jordan Darby will interview Omali Yeshitela just hours before the start of the month long "Cadre Intensive". Yeshitela, the Chairman of the African Socialist International and the African People's Socialist Party, will talk about the aims and purpose of this event that has brought Africans from throughout the world to St.Petersburg, Florida to learn organize and work to change the world as the crisis of imperialism deepens everyday.

Luwezi Kinshasa, Secretary General of the African Socialist International, will discuss the Boko Haram and the explosion of the neo-colonial rule in Nigeria and the active and open presence of the imperialist white imperialist military.

Acclaimed Actor/ Director Ron Bobb Semple will talk with Dedan Sankara, about the Akwaaba Cultural Center and An Evening with Martin, Malcolm, and Marcus. The newly established, Akwaaba Cultural Center will produce is presenting stageplay,The Meeting by Jeff Stetson. Set in a hotel room, the play is a fictionalized account of a conversation between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr, that takes place hours before Malcolm is assassinated on February 21, 1965 in the Audobon Ballroom. Bobb Semple, will present his world renowned one man show,The Spirit of Marcus Garvey.

How can Detroit be in the midst of a water crisis, when it sits next to the Great Lakes which contains the largest body of freshwater on earth and 84 percent of North America's freshwater supply? Abayomi Azikiwe of the Moratorium NOW! Coalition, will explain and tell us about what has been happening in Detroit. Since April, 3000 residences a week have had their water service shut off if they owed $150.00 or had two months of non payment.With an African population of more than 80 percent, it is estimated between 200,000 to 300,000, residents will be affected by this Shock Doctrine measure. Recently, the United Nations declared the shutoffs a human rights violation.