ShowAfrica Live
Broadcast TitleThis Moment in History, Isn't It Ironic, The Best of Africa Live 2013
Broadcast Date2013-12-29
Record Date2013-12-29
SummaryToday's show is the final show of 2013. We will begin the show with this Moment In History. A discussion of current events with Chairman Omali Yeshitela featuring the 50th Anniversary of Kenya's Independence, Russel Shoatz and Lynne Stewart political prisoners - and what will be done to the aging political prisoners. From there we will go to a segment entitled, Isn't it ironic, where we will look into the recent attacks on Africans by Israeli and the ongoing programs that are reminiscent of the Nazi. I will speak with a Jonathan, an Eritrean refugee that escaped from Israel just a few days ago. Next we will listen African Live show excerpts from 2013. First Chairman Omali will lead a roundtable discussion on Christopher Dorner, the former cop and member of the U.S. navy who has launched attacks targeting Los Angeles police. The mainstream media is painting him as deranged. Africa Live presents the Uhuru African Internationalist perspective. With the groundbreaking news that the US Government's National Security Agency Prism program was created to spy on the emails and phone calls not only of U.S. residents but the whole world, we spoke to Glen Ford, the Executive Editor of the Black Agenda Report.