ShowAfrica Live
Broadcast TitleKnow Your History
Broadcast Date2014-02-02
Record Date2014-02-02
SummaryThis week on Africa Live on the Uhuru Radio Network - Know Your History is the show title and features the following segments: This Moment In History - an analysis of current events with Omali Yeshitela of the African Socialist International and the African Peoples's Socialist Party. We will discuss the history /role/and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. We will talk about Africom - a United States military program that is responsible military operations in 53 African nations - Africom - the shock troops of US imperialism. We will also discuss the role that Israel has played in the destabilization of Africa, and then conclude with importance of the The 14 Point Platform of the African People's Socialist Party. Haiti : In a State of Permanent War and Cholera January 12, 2014 marks the 4 year anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. It is a disaster of unparalleled dimensions in the human history. Haiti - the beacon of African liberation has been in constant assault since they beat the French imperialist in the early 1800's. In a recent article - Ezili Danto comments on the history and contemporary moment in Haiti she says: "Haiti has been a reflection of European and US inhumanity towards the poor and African since their "New World" and updated feudal social order began. At this moment in Haiti ...It's still an international crime scene hidden behind false benevolence, false brotherhood, false charity, false aid. Those billed as the "do-gooders" are about initiating or exacerbating catastrophe then capitalizing on catastrophe. That's the profitable, parasitic formula." Join host Dedan Sankara on Africa Live for the best in news and analysis from an African Internationalist perspective.