ShowAfrica Live
Broadcast TitleConnecting The Points
Broadcast Date2014-01-12
Record Date2014-01-12
Summary"Connecting The Points" is the title of this episode of Africa Live hosted by Dedan Sankara. We begin the show with the poem "Somebody Blew Up America" by Amiri Baraka. Ten months after the 2001 World Trade Center attack, then New Jersey poet laureate Baraka wrote, "Who had the slaves Who got the bux out the Bucks Who got fat from plantations Who genocided Indians Tried to waste the Black nation." The founder of the Black Arts Movement,Baraka died January 9th,2014. THIS MOMENT IN HISTORY features a discussion with Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of the African People's Socialist Party on contemporary and historical events. The topics for this episode: the recent death of poet and founder of the Black Arts Movement Amiri Baraka, Haiti, COINTELPRO and Betty Medsger's -The Burglary: The Discovery of J. Edgar Hoover's Secret FBI COINTELPRO,the 30th anniversary of Jesse Jackson on the Road to Damascus, and the 14 Point Platform of the African People's Socialist Party and the Political Education Series that will occur on January 19th, 2014. THE FRONT LINE IS EVERYWHERE, features an interview with Luwezi Kinshasa, Secretary General of the African Socialist International. The topics for this episode: imperialist intervention/attack on the Central African Republic by France, the upcoming elections in South Sudan, the presence of China in Africa, and a recent UK court ruling on the police murder of Mark Duggan that found that it is lawful to kill an unarmed African man.