ShowDiasporic Music
Broadcast TitleTribute to Nina Simone Part 2; Tiki Mercury-Clarke will be interviewed about the role of African-Canadian women in our struggle; Interview with Los Angeles Sentinel columnist Larry Aubry
Broadcast Date2013-03-10
Record Date2013-03-10
SummaryJalali continues Women's History Month with a tribute to Nina Simone, Part 2. Simone was a soldier in the war on poverty, a soldier for women, and a fighter for World African Liberation. Tiki Mercury-Clarke, who history will record as one of the all-time greatest Canadian jazz artists, is a multi-talented Canadian-born singer-pianist, storyteller, lyricist, composer and cultural historian. She has become a keeper of Afrikan ancestral wisdom, and, in harmony with tradition, a vessel for the often hard to find, authentic, African North American musical expression called jazz. Jalali interviews Larry Aubry, columnist for the Los Angeles Sentinel, an African American oriented weekly; member, Community Call to Action and Accountability. Aubry is also a former consultant to L.A. County Human Relations Commission for 32 years. Visit Jalali on Facebook. Please LIKE Diasporic Music on Uhuru Radio.