ShowDiasporic Music
Broadcast TitleTribute to Stephen Biko; spotlight on Walter Williams; Black August interview
Broadcast Date2010-09-05
Record Date2010-09-05
SummaryWe pay tribute to Stephen Bantu Biko, who died on September 12, 1977. We also shine the spotlight on Walter Williams, a founding member of the legendary O'Jay. Williams is still very much in the land of the living. He recently revealed that he his suffering from MS, but continues to perform after finding the right medication.
For the third show in a row we will continue our discussion on political prisoners.We talk with Kumasi and Shaka, who were both locked down with Comrade George Jackson. The Los Angeles-based Kumasi and the Oakland-based Shaka are part of the Black August Organizing Committee. Also, joining in the discussion will be the Washington D.C.-based, Naji Mujahid of the Black August Planning Organization. Kiilu Nyasha pointed out, "Primarily, August is the month we recall the great loss exacted upon our Black revolutionary movement with the assassination of George Jackson and his younger brother, the teen-aged Jonathan Jackson. Jonathan was martyred [in 1970] when he led the August 7th rebellion; George was martyred a year later, August 21."