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UhuruNews.com Comment Policy

  1. No slanderous, subjective, personal or anti-black attacks on African people. Period.
  2. No slanderous, personal or subjective attacks on any individual, nationality or ethnic/oppressed grouping of people.
  3. No disrespect for African women ever.
  4. All political discussion is welcome if it is clearly stated, principled, respectful of others and objective. The Uhuru Movement is based on the understanding that African people must struggle to unite as one people around the world and that Africa and all its resources are the birthright of African people everywhere. If you are seriously opposed to this position and are trying to convert people to your position, this will not be the place for you.
  5. The Uhuru Movement reserves the right to ban anyone who we deem to violate these rules in any way or who is promoting an agenda that is counter to liberation and justice for African people.

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