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  • US: (425)606-4003 NEW NUMBER!
  • UK, London: (0)20 3051 7985
  • Azania, Cape Town: 21 673 6887
  • Azania, Johannesburg: 11 287 2287

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any problems not addressed here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How do I listen to the live show?

Practically all music player programs (iTunes, Windows Media Player, Real Player, etc.) will be able to handle the "Listen Now" link on the right hand side. This will only work while we are broadcasting, naturally.

How do I talk live on the show over my telephone?

You can call from your telephone to local numbers in Florida (727-565-1599) or London (020-8133-6629).

How do I call-in for free from my computer?

You can do so via Skype, a free internet phone service. Download the free software and try it today!

How do I download an individual past show?

Go to the Archives web page which has download links for individual mp3 files of available free recordings of past shows.

How do I subscribe to your podcast to listen on my computer?

By subscribing to one of our podcasts, you don't have to come to our web site and download individual files you select. Rather, you use software on your computer to manage your podcast subscriptions. There are many free alternatives for such software. For some suggestions for podcast-related software, see: http://www.podcastalley.com/forum/links.php In particular, you might consider Juice (Windows and Mac) or iTunes (Windows and Mac).

Our podcast links are all listed on our Schedule page. If you are using iTunes you can just click on the "1 click" button, and it should bring up iTunes to subscribe you.

If you are using not using iTunes but some other podcast manager program (Juice, etc.), then it is done in two steps:

  1. Copy the link of a "RSS Podcast" button by doing a right-click (control-click on Mac OSX), and select "Copy Shortcut" (Internet Explorer) or "Copy Link Location" (Firefox).
  2. Go to your program and paste in the URL ( Control-V in Windows, Command-V in Mac OSX). (In iTunes, this is done in "Advanced/Subscribe to Podcast", but you shouldn't have to do this for iTunes as long as the "1 click" works.)

Once you have subscribed to our feed, your podcast manager program will automatically reflect whatever available shows there are.

How can I listen to the programs on my MP3 player?

If you own an iPod, you will want to use iTunes, which is available for both Windows and Mac.

Some other MP3 players work only with Windows using Microsoft Windows Media Player

You can obtain our free archived recordings either by directly downloading from our Shows page, or by subscribing to our podcast feed, and using your local player program to transfer to your device.

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