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Revolutionary Health and Fitness

host picture Podcast Link: feed feed A new show hosted by John Thomas, trainer at the TyRon Lewis Community Gym
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Downloadable Archives of Revolutionary Health and Fitness

Title Broadcast Summary
Revolutionary Health and Fitness: Fitness Agenda Report
59:32 57Mb
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2015-03-15 Host John Thomas along with co-host Damon Reio discuss health related news and topics. This week we discuss: supplement spiking, weight loss made simple, vitamin b1 deficit and how it affects you.
Aids is a tool of imperialism-pt 1
1:00:00 57Mb
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2015-02-22 John discusses the creation of HIV/AIDS as a tool of imperialism. Excerpts are read from Che Nazzerith' book, "The Book They Never Wanted You To Read", as we explore the creation of Hiv/Aids from the beginning until it was implemented in central Africa under the guise of "small pox" vaccinations.
Nutrition and Cancer
59:52 57Mb
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2015-02-08 Host John Thomas talks live with the Sistahs of Compassion. a group of women formed around their common struggle with cancer. We talk about the connection between nutrition and cancer, and how lifestyle changes can mean the difference between life and death.
Supplement recommendations for everyday gym-goers
59:46 57Mb
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2015-01-04 Tyron Lewis Community Gym manager John Thomas discusses his personal favorite supplements to optimize your workout. visit scrawny to brawny for more info.
What your personal trainer will not tell you.... for free, that is!
1:00:01 57Mb
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2014-12-28 Host John Thomas and Fitness Coach Damon Reio discuss secrets to weight loss, muscle gain and insider fitness tips.
Stress and Type 2 Diabetes - solutions through diet and exercise
1:00:00 57Mb
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2014-12-21 Host John Thomas and Fitness Coach Damon Reio discuss the role of diet and exercise in combatting stress and Type 2 diabetes.
Revolutionary Health and Fitness - December 14, 2014
46:33 28Mb
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2014-12-14 A new show hosted by John Thomas, trainer at the TyRon Lewis Community Gym.

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