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Get Involved with Uhuru News

Volunteering means giving poor and oppressed people worldwide access to the voice of the international African working class. It means joining the struggle to win the war of ideas and the struggle for African liberation. This is Black Power in the 21st Century.

Join the Uhuru News Squad!

We are seeking volunteer activists for all aspects of operations, including:

  1. Be an activist member of the Uhuru Movement in your area
    • Host an Uhuru Movement organizer to come and speak in your area
    • Host an Uhuru Radio listening club, Burning Spear Newspaper study group
    • Pass out Uhuru Radio cards in your neighborhood, at concerts, schools
    • Be an official distributor of The Burning Spear Newspaper in your area
    • Submit reports on news and events from your area, photos, video
  2. Volunteer with the Uhuru News General Staff
    • Join an Uhuru Radio programming team as a researcher or producer
    • Transcribe or proofread speeches for publication
    • Design posters, flyers and web graphics
    • Edit audio and/or video footage
    • Help develop Uhuru News presence on YouTube, Facebook, etc.
    • Help with computer programming, user testing
    • and more...

To read detailed descriptions see our open volunteer positions.

To join the Uhuru News Squad, fill out the Registration Form and we'll contact you promptly.

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